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Restorative Justice & Conflict Transformation Institute Purpose

The Restorative Justice Institute's mission is to bring intentional relationships from the margins to the center. Restorative Justice philosophy and values practice has existed in collective-centered communities for generations. Native & Indigenous cultures have shared their wisdom through the ages.  We seek to continue to honor and share these practices in hopes that a more collective-centered community practice can exist in many different contexts.

Drawing from the Japanese art of Kintsugi, defined as Golden Joinery, it is the art of taking broken pottery and repairing it with gold leaf. There is a motto that says, "We are beautiful in our brokenness."  We chose to use this ancient art practice as a way to give imagery to the practice of Restorative Justice and Conflict Transformation.  At the close of each cohort, participants will engage in this practice as a ceremonial way to remember what was learned and shared in this space. 

The Institute offers two participant tracks:

The Business Professional Track

Track #1:6-week track - sessions are two times a week (3-hour sessions virtual)

Those suited for this track: Business professionals will gain skillset in Conflict transformation processes i.e, Restorative Justice and other forms of conflict transformation practices.  Participants will learn how to implement community building in the workplace as well as conflict management and/or transformation. Business Professionals looking to gain these skills may be in C-Suite, Executive Leadership, middle management department leads, and HR Staff.  If a participant is interested in this training and is not in one of the positions named,  please reach out to us; we would love to speak with you. Each participant who completes the intensive will receive a certificate of completion. 

The Certificate of Completion states that they have completed 36 hours of skill building and practice of the RJ/TJ process within their organization and beyond. This is the equivalent of state-certified mediator training.

Cost per organization: $10,000.00

IMPORTANT NOTE: Organizations must have 3-5 staff to attend, and one of those staff must be in Executive Leadership. 

Business Professional Track launches:

September 11, 2024 - October 18, 2024 (FULL, waitlist only)
January 16, 2025 - February 2025, Tues & Thurs (1-4pm PST)

Future cohorts begin: July 2025


The RJ Practitioner Track

Track#2: 9-week track - sessions are three times a week (3-hour sessions virtual)

Note: the last 3 weeks will be two 3-hour sessions, without the Saturdays.

Those suited for this track: Up-and-coming RJ Practitioners who seek to gain/sharpen RJ skillset within various contexts.  This training series will focus on the RJ practitioner who has the desire to lead this work within their context. Whether that is within your community, organization, or personal life, this training series will give participants the foundational skills to foster and create RJ spaces within their context. Participants will gain an understanding of the community-building work that RJ offers as well as when harm occurs, and the invitation to repair is offered.  Each participant who completes the intensive will receive a certificate of completion. 

The Certificate of Completion states: Completion of 72 hours of skill building and practice of RJ/TJ process. This is equivalent to a University Certificate program that offers RJ/TJ certificate training. 

Cost per individual:

  • Fully resourced: $2,896.00 (folx can fully afford registration fee)

  • Fair resourced: $2,440.00 (folx can pay with no sustainable challenges)

  • Supported: $1,800.00 (folx who need financial support to attend)

RJ Practitioner track launches March 20, 2025 - May 16, 2025: (Tuesdays and Fridays from 4:00pm-7:00pm PDT, and first 4 Saturdays 9am-12pm PDT) 

Future cohorts begin: September 2025


“I appreciated learning about the wide range of tools and skills to use for reformative justice."

Evern W.

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