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Hey friends! My name is Sidney Morgan, and welcome to Red Sea Road Consulting LLC.  I am a black and indigenous woman of color. I seek to support people, communities, and organizations in building and maintaining relationships through a restorative and transformative justice lens. I also develop group facilitation processes for those seeking supported work. Our spaces are held with a centered focus on healing-centered engagement and racial equity. I offer restorative Justice and Transformative Justice training through our Golden Repair Restorative & Transformative Justice Institute.  I offer executive coaching with a three-pronged approach of visioning, surfacing strengths and gaps, and building our strengths while shrinking our gaps. 


What is my ‘Why’?


The root word for facilitation in Latin is ‘facilis’ and it means "easy or to make easy." In Swahili the word is kuwezehana, which means "to help, assist, aid and contribute."  With this word as a foundation, my ‘why’ is to hold space for and with folx, that is my calling. 


I began my journey in conflict transformation when a seed was planted in me during middle school, in peer mediation.  20 plus years rounds out my experience of holding space for folx. Through this work, I understand the complexities of group and interpersonal dynamics when a rupture is present or when a group is stuck and needs a way forward. 


I’m both a warrior and a healer. I believe we need the presence of both of these in order to be the light in the dark places.


Dr. Fania Davis says,  “Healers and warriors are not opposites; they are complementaries. Moving beyond binaries, we need not embrace one and reject the other. We can hold them both as one.” 


I’m a trained Restorative and Transformative Justice practitioner and a certified mediator. I hold a master’s degree in Transformational Leadership and Restorative Justice and a biblical theology degree. 

My hope in this body of work is to continue to hold space and training that offers restoration and transformation, whether it is for a conflict process or building up a culture within a group, community, or organization.

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