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Tash Shatz

Facilitation. Coaching. Strategy

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Katharine Quince, MA

Advancing equity though relationships

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Jessica Taylor, Ph.D.

Leadership development

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Stephanie Ghoston

Organizational Consulting

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John Ashford Jr.

Classes. Events. Coaching. Cooking.

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Tracy Myer

Brave. Transformative. Anti-Racist. Leadership Coaching

Christine A. Moses.png

Christine Moses

Consultant with deep experience in community engagement, crisis communications, and change management

Headshot Aviva McClure_edited.jpg

Aviva McClure

Experiential and culturally responsive learning for youth and adults; designed to move us forward

amanda singh bans.jpg

Amanda Singh Bans, M.A., LCSW

Resonance Therapy

Dr. Rashida Willard.jpg

Dr. Rashida Willard

Equity and inclusion consultation


Veronica Banuelos

Mediation. Facilitation. Consulting

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Dr. Carol Stauffer

Facilitation. Training. Restorative Justice Practitioner

matt t.png

Matt Tibbles

Facilitation. Training. Restorative Justice Practitioner

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