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Executive Coaching
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Executive Coaching
Adaptive and Transformational Leadership Development

Red Sea Road takes a 3 prong-approach to coaching: 


Stage 1: A vision

We begin with a brief but exact vision board and/or persona vision statement activity to look at what is current and what is next for the coachee. 


Stage 2: Identifying strengths and gaps 

Identifying strengths that are current and new strengths you are building; identifying gaps and how to shrink them. 

Stage 3:  Building on strengths while shrinking gaps  

What does leading for adaptive challenges and thriving mean?  We will take a deep dive into adaptive equity leadership in the coachee’s individual context and hone in on what they notice in their leadership style that supports/hinders their work.


Adaptive and Transformational Leadership are leadership frameworks that take a different approach than traditional leadership styles. Adaptive and Transformational Leadership requires organizational wisdom, critical reflection, consciousness, and actions. It requires leaders to often travel down unclear paths and a willingness to seek out and consider the perspectives of the most marginalized. To be an outstanding leader is to position yourself as a learner.


Red Sea Road educates leaders in adaptive and transformational leadership through Executive Coaching (EC). EC is an opportunity to seek critical reflection on your own personal goals and challenges and bring to light what makes you a leader in this work.


Through our coaching, you will build your skill set and help you discover what you still need to gain. Many leadership programs avoid addressing conflict head-on, as our society has been constructed to either deny it or respond with a fight. RSR seeks to offer a third option for addressing conflict in a Restorative and meaningful way that has the ability to change lives positively.

90 min sessions| Prices vary

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more information

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