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"Bringing Intentional Relationships from the Margins to the Center."

Restorative Justice Practices, Conflict Transformation Processes & Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Red Sea Road Consulting has worked with a host of Organizations that hold a strong belief in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion as well as Restorative justice work. These organizations wanted to build inclusive, multicultural communities. 



Red Sea Road Consulting seeks to facilitate, coach, and train folks in public & private sectors, education, and faith-based organizations on racial equity and Restorative Justice Practices. We live in a society that has forgotten how to "Be With" each other. We have a desire to build inclusive schools & faith-based communities. In order to see this goal realized we must first look to how historical harm has been caused and how our current schools and faith-based systems have continued to perpetuate these harms with no opportunity to offer repair and restoration. We seek to support this change in our schools and faith-based communities to offer tools for true community building and restoration for the communities in which we live. 


Sid Logo FINAL Transparent background-03

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