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"Bringing Intentional Relationships from the Margins to the Center."

Restorative Justice Practices, Conflict Transformation Processes &
Group Facilitation Processes 


Red Sea Road Consulting has worked with a host of organizations that hold a strong belief in diversity, equity and inclusion as well as restorative justice work. These organizations wanted to build inclusive, multicultural communities. 



In the fall of 2020, I had the amazing gift of being on a webinar with Adrianne Maree Brown, Parentis Humphill & Micky ScottBey Jones, titled How We Get Through Webinar - Being Human: Holding Complexity, Tension,  and Disagreements in Movements. We discussed what it means and what is needed to have and grow collective healing spaces within our activist communities. Check out our talk. It is worth the time to sit, be still with a good soothing drink, and take notes! 

We have other engaging webinars on our webinars tab to take a look at. Be sure to check out our newly added podcast page as well!


Red Sea Road Consulting offers a wide range of resources through our partnerships. We believe that creating a better world requires teamwork and collaboration with others working in adjacent spaces. We are proud of the work that our partners have accomplished and are grateful we get to help them in their vision and purpose. 


Red Sea Road Consulting seeks to facilitate, coach, and train folks in public and private sectors and education on Restorative Justice and transformative Justice Processes and practices. We live in a society that has forgotten how to "Be With" each other. We have created less and less space for real and vulnerable dialogue with an outcome of action steps towards 'Beloved Community.' We believe in transformative change, but we can only get there when we collectively decide that our collective humanity is worth the hard but important work to find lasting change together. 


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