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6-to 9-week training tracks available.
Prices vary. 

Please click here for more information about the 2023 sessions.
Restorative Justice and Conflict Management Institute

Training Tracks for Business Professionals and RJ Practitioners

Red Sea Road's mission is to bring intentional relationship from the margins to the center. Restorative Justice's (RJ) philosophy and values practice has existed in collective-centered communities for generations. Native and Indigenous cultures have shared these practices in hopes that a more collective-centered community practice can exist in many different contexts. Our training tracks are formed and begin with an Adaptive Leadership framework.

Participants of these training tracks will gain skills in how to hold conflict transformation, this includes Mediation, Restorative Justice (pro-active and after a rupture or harm), and transformational justice processes. 

Organizational leadership across the country is in need of better ways of communication system building and conflict transformation skills. In our communities, we are in need of practitioners who can hold space, support, and repair within the community. RSR seeks to enlarge the RJ skillset for business leaders and RJ practitioners who have a desire to use these skills within their contexts. 

Restorative Justice and Conflict Management Institute Training Tracks

Track # 1 - Business Professionals:

  • 6-week training course

  • Offered twice a year

 Participants will gain skillsets in Conflict Transformation Processes (Restorative Justice, Transformational Justice, and Mediation). Participants will learn how to implement community building in the workplace as well as conflict management and/or transformation. Business Professionals looking to gain these skills may be in C-Suite, executive leadership, middle management department leads, and HR Staff.  If a participant is interested in this training and is not one of the positions named, please reach out to us we would love to speak with you.

Track # 2 - New RJ Practitioners:

  • 9-week training course

  • Offered twice a year

Those suited for this track are up-and-coming RJ Practitioners, who seek to gain/sharpen RJ skillset within various contexts. This training series will focus on the RJ practitioner who has a desire to lead for this work within their context. Whether that is within your community, your organization, or your personal life, this training series will give participants the foundational skills to foster and create RJ spaces with their context. This training is formed with an adaptive leadership framework, which looks at challenges from an adaptive lens.

To register for either track, or for more information about the upcoming 2023 Restorative Justice and Conflict Management Institute please click here.
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