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Training and Facilitation Schools and Educational Institutions 

For the past five years, Sidney has offered training and facilitation in Restorative Justice Practices to school and educational institutions at all levels. The Restorative Justice (RJ) Practice training series centers on taking an educational team from the introduction to RJ with Restorative Justice for Teams, to grade level specific training in circles with Community Building Circles for Jr. High/high school and Community Building Circles for Elementary Teachers. These school teams can then come to the Harm & Conflict Training and our Re-entry & Conferencing Training. 

Training Series on Race and the Church

What does it mean for the body of Christ (The Church),  to build up a strong community? Most of us think that we have already done a good job of building community, but have we? The theory of building community may seem like an easy task for some, but if we are building true inclusive community, then why is the most segregated day of the week Sunday? The work of building true community begins with us taking a collective look at ourselves as a church community and notice what is missing?

In this 3 part series, we will have lively discussion and dialogue about race in the church and how we can take steps to bring God’s restoration into the church. We will discuss church history and acknowledge where we have let the sin of racism isolate, separate and divide us as God’s people. We will gain tools with which to have these conversations and how we can begin to acknowledge and restore with one another.

This series was created to make a “Brave Space” for God’s people to come together and heal what has been broken. We must begin to notice what is missing, why it’s missing and what we need to do to Restore what has been broken.


Adjunct Professor at Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling

Sidney teaches two courses at Lewis and Clark called Leadership and Restorative Justice & Circles for Adult Learning. 

Leading a just community in an unjust social and political context is a complicated responsibility, and school leaders need an array of protocols for engaging their community in continuously renewing and restoring norms of peace and justice. This course is for school leaders (administrators, restorative justice coordinators, counselors, teacher leaders) who are seeking the practical skills to generate peace (dignity, connection, belonging, understanding and forgiveness and bridging across significant differences) and justice (forms of fairness) in their school community during times of injustice, uncertainty, fear and expressions of hate in the broader community. The restorative justice practices taught in this course will focus on the adult community of the school, and are appropriate for staff meetings, community meetings, and can be translated into classroom practices. In this course, leaders will participate in restorative justice practices and learn from experience to design and facilitate a variety of restorative processes that will strengthen and continuously restore a sense of justice in their professional community. As school leaders are facing unprecedented conditions in which to establish and lead inclusive, supportive and welcoming school communities, this course is for those who want new social-justice focused tools to heal the harms of divisive socio-political rhetoric and action.


Sidney has partnered with Teach For America to offer services in support of their staff and alumni.

This project came about because the Teach For America community is in pain. The pandemic, economic crisis, and ongoing brutality towards people of color have combined to leave their staff community, and the communities they serve, coping with both individual and collective trauma. Members across their network are looking for resources and spaces that will help them care for both themselves and the teams, students, and communities they lead. The collaboration between Red Sea Road Consulting LLC. and Teach For America network is uniquely positioned to support and strengthen the community in ways that will impact their organization and students for years to come. 

This course provides restorative spaces for targeted groups to restore and heal relationships to build healthy communities and repair harm. We know that restoration and healing is an ongoing process and this is just a start, but the insight based on the space provided through this project will help Teach For America reflect on their next steps as an organization.

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