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 Race and Restorative Justice in Faith Communities​
DEI Training for Faith Communities


Race is an uncomfortable topic for many, and even more difficult in church communities. While we have more people in the faith community bringing racial justice to the forefront, there is more we can do. 


We facilitate training on Race and the church. These sessions take participants into the history of the church in America and beyond, and how its silence has caused compounded harm over time and has had no opportunity to reckon with and repair the harm racial injustice has had in the church. 


In these trainings we seek to raise collective consciousness, offer tools to keep conversations going and participants will build critical and intentional action steps to bring change.

We also offer training in Restorative Justice and Conflict transformation. We provide skill-building in restoration and repair to faith-based leaders and organizations.

Restoration and repair in the faith communities should be a high priority.


As God's people, He calls us to Be With each other, however, we don't really know how to do that or what it really looks like. These trainings take a deep dive into the biblical perspective of true inclusivity while working through historical harm in the church body as it relates to race.

5 hours | Prices vary

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